New roof? Evaluating Solar Fans? Here is a list of Solar Fan Products!

July 9, 2007

One of our our employees had two solar attic fans installed during a recent home re-roof project.  The fans are installed on the roof, are powered 100% by the sun, and pull heat out of the attic as the temperatue in the attic rises – reducing the load on your AC system if you have one, and assuming you have good sealing between your attic and the inside of your home. 

             solar attic fan           solar attic fan

Here is a short list of solar attic fan manufacturersthat supply these low cost no energy required home improvements:

Natural Light Energy Systems

Big Frog Mountain


Sunrise Solar, Inc.

Solar Dynamics

Solatube – Solar Star


If you are aware of other manufacturers, please add them to this list by posting a Comment below!

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