Insulation: A list of eco-friendly products that can help you save!

July 11, 2007

eco friendly green insulation 2Better insulating your home while remodeling reduces your need for heating and cooling, thus saving $$.

If you are interested in helping the environment with an eco-friendly insulation product at the same time, what products can you turn to for insulation?

Here is a list. If you know of others or have used one of the products below, please tell the GetWithGreen audience via Comments!!!

Eco-Friendly Home Insulation:

Air Krete, Inc. – Cementitious Foam Insulation

Applegate Insulation

Ark-Seal – Blow-In-Blank Insulation System and Fiberiffic Insulation System

BioBased Systems – BioBased Insulation

Bonded Logic – Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation

Can-Cell Industries – WallBAR and Wethershield brand insulation

CertainTeed – MemBrain, SpeedyR, DryRight, ToughGard, SpeedR Bandit insulation

Climatizer Insulation, Inc.

Demilec – SEALection 500 Insulation

Fiberlite Technologies, Inc. – Fiber-Lite, Fiber-LitePlus, Wal-Mat

FOAM-TECH – Supergreen (special product for humid environments)

Good Shepherd Insulation – Wool Insulation products

Guardian Building Products – Fiberglass insulation products

Icynene, Inc. – Icynene Insulation System and GOLD SEAL 400 Foam Insulation

InsulCot – InsulCot cotton fibre insulation

International Cellulose Corporation – K-13, Sonaspray FC, Celbar, Protek-13, and Ure-K products

Johns Maville Corporation – Spider spray, ComfortTherm Batts/Rolls, MR, EasyFit, Kraft-Faced products

Knauf Insulation – JetStream blown fiberglass, and BATT products

Monoglass, Inc. – glass fiber spray insulation

Nu-Wool Co. Inc. – Spray-in-place cellulose insulation

Ottawa Fibre, Inc. – Fibreglass insulation products

Owens Corning – Pink Fiberglas, Propink, QuietZone, Celfort, Foamular, FoamSealR Insulation

Tascon, Industries. – Spray and loosefill insulation

Thermafiber, Inc. – FS-15 and FS-25 blanket fiber insulation

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