Moving out while you remodel? What should you do with your mail?

December 11, 2007

greendimes junk mail stopMany of us will only be surviving our remodel, not living in it as it happens.  If you are moving out for the duration of your remodel, it is the perfect time to cut the cord on then endless daily piles of junk mail.  Those five different party catalogs, your husband’s endless trade publications, the refinance offers that the senders hope 1 in 100 answers.  STOP THEM ALL, and help our environment now.  How? 

In just over a year, GreenDimes has already brought relief to thousands of consumers throughout the United States by eliminating 2.5 million pounds of unsolicited junk mail. The comprehensive service that GreenDimes provides has given homeowners back control of the mail delivered to their mailbox. It has also given back time formerly spent sorting through, tearing up and disposing of junk mail, leaving its members more time to do the things they want!

Amidst the powerful direct marketing industry that is continuously finding ways to make it harder for homeowners to get off the lists and get rid of the junk, GreenDimes works diligently every day to present a powerful and unified voice to combat junk mail on each member?s behalf.

When homeowners sign up ($15 one-time fee), GreenDimes contacts dozens of marketers including companies who send frequent catalogs. When necessary, GreenDimes will inform homeowners who they need to contact directly to ensure up to 90% of their catalogs and junk mail is eliminated (within about 90 days the company says due to most junk mail gets printed far in advance). While homeowners can take steps to manage the problem themselves, you will quickly encounter the roadblocks that GreenDimes works hard each day to tear down. Some companies ask for fees and others ask for personal information to remove consumers from their lists; certain catalogs require a call on every recipient?s behalf in order to remove them from their database. GreenDimes stays one step ahead, ensuring that the we are getting the most effective service out there. GreenDimes? online catalog screener also allows homeowners to add or remove catalogs that arrive at their homes at any time.

?We provide a voice for thousands of consumers who are fed up with their overstuffed mailboxes and want an inexpensive full service solution for stopping junk mail and unwanted catalogs,? said Dan Estabrook, General Manager of GreenDimes. ?That solution is GreenDimes, and we will continue to go above and beyond for our customers until we eliminate their junk mail for good.?

stop junk mail junkmail greendimesWhile there are companies out there that claim to reclaim the mailbox, GreenDimes claims none of them have the experience or proven track record of GreenDimes. After just a year in business, the service is already approaching 60,000 members strong and has saved over 370,000 trees and 7 million gallons of water to date! GreenDimes is constantly researching new ways to get homeowners off pesky mailing lists and has established relationships with thousands of companies that distribute junk mail, uncovering countless channels that allow the service to reduce its members? junk. GreenDimes makes the calls to stop pre-approved credit card mailings, value pack offers, coupons and more.

Additionally, GreenDimes features a national online Do Not Mail Me petition that it plans to send to Congress with the goal of ending junk mail for good.  Also if you sign up today the company will plant 10 trees in your name through one of three non-profit tree-planting partners: American Forests, Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future. These partners have programs in India, Haiti, Senegal, throughout Central America and in the U.S.

And in closing here are some eye-opening facts from GreenDimes: 

  • Your name is typically worth 3 to 20 cents each time it is sold.
  • 100 million trees are ground up each year for unsolicited mail.
  • It wastes 28 billion gallons of water for paper processing each year.
  • That’s 4.5 million tons of junk mail produced each year!
  • $320 million of local taxes are used to dispose of unsolicited mail each year.
  • The average person gets only 1.5 personal letters each week, compared to 10.8 pieces of junk mail.
  • 44% of all junk mail is thrown in the trash, unopened and unread.  

Seriously, what are you going to do will all the catalogs while you are living with your in-laws?  Contact GreenDimes today!

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