FLOORING: Pioneer Millworks launches eco-friendly wood flooring

February 8, 2008

engineered flooring eco-friendlyThis week Pioneer Millworks announced what they are calling the first fully eco-engineered wood flooring in the industry.  At GetWithGreen.com we have not seen one yet either (so if you know of one, leave a comment and let us know!).

Engineered floors are growing in popularity in remodels, and new construction.  For their product, Pioneer Millworks is using FSC certified plywood, and formaldehyde-free low VOC glue.   Here is what their announcment had to say:

Las Vegas, NV February 2008 — Pioneer Millworks is poised to re-engineer the wood flooring industry with the introduction of what is said to be the first, fully-eco engineered floor to hit the market. The new line was launched at Surfaces this week.

Until now, engineered flooring (wood veneer over plywood platform) has inherently been a non-eco friendly product thanks to uncertified veneers, glue and finish toxicity, and off shore manufacturing.

“For years, we’ve resisted producing this type of floor, it just goes against our eco principles,” say Pioneer Millworks President, Jonathan Orpin. “Since our customers have increasing requested engineered options, we decided to do something (green) about it.”

Now, after more than a year of development and testing, Pioneer Millworks is launching what they believe to be the most eco-friendly engineered floor on the market.  Details of this eco-friendlier product are:

  • Wear Layer:  FSCcertified fresh sawn or 100 percent antique reclaimed
  • Platform: largest mix of FSC certified material (70 percent plus); no added formaldehyde
  • Pre-Finish: oil and wax UV cured, made from all natural ingredients
  • Packaging: made from 100 percent post consumer materials, using water-based inks. Sourced and manufactured in the USA, in a way that’s healthy for customers, our employees and the environment

Why the growing need for engineered floors? For starters Pioneer Millworks say they’re easier to install, especially when pre-finished. What’s more, engineered flooring is often the best option over concrete slabs or in subterranean applications (like basements) they claim.  The floors can be glued-down or floated, giving condo or apartment residents a less permanent hard wood option.

According to the National Wood Flooring Association’s2007 Wood Flooring Market Profile, engineered products are estimated to account for 46.6 percent of total U.S. wood flooring square foot shipments during 2007. From a manufacturer’s view, an engineered floor increases yield. “Profit aside, it allows us to cover more square feet with rare antique species like Chestnut,” says Orpin.

Pioneer’s engineered flooring retails for approximately $8-12 sq. ft.  It is available in 4-8 inch widths (most homeowners select random widths, 4-6 or 6-8 they tell us), and lengths 2 to 7 ft.  Pre-finished options are also available.   

Since 1989, Pioneer Millworks has manufactured quality products in their upstate, NY 13 acre facility — a reclaimed bowling alley — using alternative energy sources such as 100 percent wind power, bio-diesel and reuse of scraps. Their products offer ecologically conscious homeowners, designers and builders an alternative to non-sustainable flooring without compromising quality, character or selection. Pioneer Millworks is a FSC certified chain of custody manufacturer in three categories: reclaimed, mix, and pure. Their products are good for you and the earth. All products LEED point eligible for all you architects in our audience.

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