Alkemi countertop: a recycled metal surface

October 14, 2008

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly  modern/industrial look, or just something different than what you’ve seen out there for countertops and other surfaces, check out the bold colors, and unique style that Alkemi’s has to offer homeowners and business owners alike.
These beautiful surfaces have earned SCS certification as well as LEED credits.   Aluminum milling scrap that would be burned into a heavy pollutant smoke, make up 60% of the surface volume.  There are three finishing styles available: classic, honed, and textured (depending on product chosen).  Colors are vibrant silver, gold, blue, green, red and bronze metal hues.  Surface thickness varies from 1/2″ to 3/4.”  Sheets can be bought in 36″ X 96″ or 36″ X 120″ sizes.   Custom colors, thickness and sizes can also be ordered.  Alkemi metal sheets are finished in the factory and do not require additional sealing before installation (unless cut before installation, then a sealant would be required for the edges).  Alkemi surfaces are versatile and can be used horizontally and vertically throughout your home (though it is not recommended for floors). 
Cautions – Though very durable, if abused, the surface may be damaged.  Most substances will not stain Alkemi’s surface, but acidic liquids such as lemon juice and red wine will have an adverse effect if left on the surface for too long.  Alkemi is not recommended for flooring and outdoor use.
When remodeling your kitchen, bath, or other surfaces, look into Alkemi’s beautiful material made from recycled metal.
For additional information and to order samples, contact a local design professional or fabricator.  Currently, Alkemi fabricators and showrooms are found within the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Italy.  Click here for contact information.
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