Solar Roof Tiles by Open Energy Corp

October 28, 2008

Allow the sun to power your home or business by using Open Energy Corp’s solar roof tiles.

With an Energy crisis on the brink in the US, consumers are asking more questions and demanding responsibility and answers.  Open Energy Corp is offering solutions to homeowners, business owners, and institutions alike: solar roof tiles.

Open Energy’s solar tiles will work on flat as well as sloped roofs.  Their solar roof tiles offer quiet & reliable power generation.  The power your roof will be generating is clean, safe, and of course, free, thanks to the sun.  For those of you with an aesthetic eye, the tiles come in three colors: slate gray, terracotta, and brown, to help integrate with your existing roof materials.

Using the solar roof tiles will significantly lower your energy bill each month.  You will also find tax incentives and rebates available to increase your savings.  Should you produce more power than you need, your local power and energy company will actually buy the excess power from you.   Adding to the savings, these long lasting tiles are maintenance free.  Should you desire to resell your property in the future, the solar tiles will raise the value of your property.

Not only are Open Energy’s solar roof tiles great on your pocketbook, but they will positively benefit the environment as well.  There are no emissions or pollutants emitted from Open Energy’s solar roof tiles.

Other considerations:

  • Should you reside in a windy area, know that with a wind clip, Open Energy’s solar tiles will endure winds of up to 125 mph.
  • For those living in areas with winter snow, the tiles can handle snow loads of up to 200 lbs per square foot.
  • The tiles are light in weight at 14 lbs per tile.
  • With 80% power output, there is a 25 year warranty on Open Energy’s solar tiles.
  • Tiles are easily installed.

For more Open Energy Corp’s specs and details, check out on Open Energy Corp’s site.  You’ll find a page with their residential project portfolio, that has photos and a data sheet for the project shown.  Read more about each of the Open Energy Corp products here.  Finally, learn more about Open Energy’s vision, identity, profile, strategy, and history here.

In some of the project photos, you have to look intently to see the solar tiles.  Efficiency, simplicity, and beauty; solar power becomes a reality with Open Energy Corp’s solar roof tiles.

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