Get With Green was created long ago when a group of friends tried to create their own things from the materials they have and from the old items they used to own before. At first, it was only for fun and to try new things for themselves until one of their neighbors actually pointed out that the things they did were great and that they were better than brand new. This neighbor was shocked to know that the group of friends just made the things items they were using and that they just recycled it all from their old materials. 

From then on, these friends started to have various thoughts and ideas since they were all creative and up to doing something fun with their hands all the time. They thought about doing these crafts and recycle them as presents and gifts for other people and that included the neighbor who was mentioned. When all the people who received their items were all glad and satisfied, they gained more and more confidence in creating more of these. Until one day, their parents suggested that it will be good if they try to create items and sell it to other people. They knew it was a benefit for all of them so that’s when they thought about giving it a try. 

Years after that, the group of friends continued to create their own products by the name of Get With Green. They are now known worldwide because of their great creations and the great items they provide to their customers. Most people like them because of the creative designs and also because of the reasonable and cheap prices of their products. Get With Green was glad to give such satisfaction and they hope that they continue to bring more of these items that are truly unique and awesome.