Kirei board: Recycled beauty from counters to wall paneling

December 14, 2008

Not too long ago I received a gift massage, from my husband, to our local wellness center: Balance.  I was immediately smitten by the look of their reception counter.  When I learned that it was created from Kirei Board, I was even more impressed.

Much like plywood, kirei is a composite material, though it is made from the reclaimed stocks of sorghum plant.  Sorghum are a species of grass that are widely used.  Some species of sorghum grasses are used to feed livestock.  Others are used in alcoholic beverages and bio fuel.  Many gluten-free eaters will recognize it as flour safe for their consumption.  Certain species of sorghum are considered a staple in Africa, South Asia, and Central America, as they are the fifth largest cereal crop grown throughout the world.

Sorghum is a drought tolerant plant and grown all over the world.  Instead of burning the stalks or disposing them in waterways and landfills, a new interior finishing material is created.  You’ll also be pleased to know that the Kirei is combined with non-formaldehyde Read more

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Alkemi countertop: a recycled metal surface

October 14, 2008

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly  modern/industrial look, or just something different than what you’ve seen out there for countertops and other surfaces, check out the bold colors, and unique style that Alkemi’s has to offer homeowners and business owners alike.
These beautiful surfaces have earned SCS certification as well as LEED credits.   Aluminum milling scrap that would be burned into a heavy pollutant smoke, make up 60% of the surface volume.  There are three finishing styles available: classic, honed, and textured (depending on product chosen).  Colors are vibrant silver, gold, blue, green, red and bronze metal hues.  Surface thickness varies from 1/2″ to 3/4.”  Sheets can be bought in 36″ X 96″ or 36″ X 120″ sizes.   Custom colors, thickness and sizes can also be ordered.  Alkemi metal sheets are finished in the factory and do not require Read more

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EcoTop green eco-friendly countertop now in distribution

October 4, 2008

Just this past week I sat down with Joel Klippert, the creator of the ‘green’ EcoTop countertop .  I’d been anxious to talk with Joel about how things were going with his business, and the availability of EcoTop – the beautiful, practical, and affordable eco-friendly and green countertop material you’ve read so much about on   Joel is calling it “Sustainable without sacrifice.”

As I expected, Joel is moving full steam ahead.  The company has now made EcoTop countertop available nationwide through a master distributor in Denver – Designer Building Solutions.  If you are interested in purchasing the product, you can contact Peter Colburn in the Eco Building division of DBS directly at 1-206-321-1823.  The product is available in 10 colors, with leadtimes that vary depending on the color you select.

Supporting this distribution effort, EcoTop countertop is now being produced in two plants: Scranton, PA and Tacoma, WA.   Expanding beyond Designer Building Solutions, the company is now building a network of kitchen and bath suppliers across the US.  Unlike so many eco-friendly green products that are hard to find, EcoTop is truly Read more

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