Reclaimed Glassware: 5 eco-friendly companies to watch

February 9, 2009

I love glassware.  The kiddos use some plastic, but are gradually switching as well.  Perhaps it’s the taste (or lack of), maybe it is the coolness in your hands, the noticeable weight in your grasp.  Whatever the reason, we love to drink from glassware.  Currently we have a few different styles, yet all clear and without added color.  But my favorite glasses I’ve owned (all gone now), were blue and green glass.

Recently I saw some beautiful green glasses by The Green Glass Company, and wondered, “What other options are out there and those with policy/reputation I can feel good about supporting?”

So here is a list of 5 eco-friendly companies that offer reclaimed glassware:

The Green Glass Company– Since 1992, the Green Glass Company has been producing glassware with resource preservation in mind.  Instead of using the non-environmentally friendly method of acid etching., the glassware is Read more

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Kirei board: Recycled beauty from counters to wall paneling

December 14, 2008

Not too long ago I received a gift massage, from my husband, to our local wellness center: Balance.  I was immediately smitten by the look of their reception counter.  When I learned that it was created from Kirei Board, I was even more impressed.

Much like plywood, kirei is a composite material, though it is made from the reclaimed stocks of sorghum plant.  Sorghum are a species of grass that are widely used.  Some species of sorghum grasses are used to feed livestock.  Others are used in alcoholic beverages and bio fuel.  Many gluten-free eaters will recognize it as flour safe for their consumption.  Certain species of sorghum are considered a staple in Africa, South Asia, and Central America, as they are the fifth largest cereal crop grown throughout the world.

Sorghum is a drought tolerant plant and grown all over the world.  Instead of burning the stalks or disposing them in waterways and landfills, a new interior finishing material is created.  You’ll also be pleased to know that the Kirei is combined with non-formaldehyde Read more

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Knoll Systems gives your home music while using less power!

October 29, 2008

We brought your attention to the eco-friendly Knoll Systems GSZ67 whole house distributed music amplifier-controller a few months back.   Well if you are looking to have music delivered throughout your home as part of your remodel, and stay eco-friendly by reducing power consumption in the process, then you need to check out the new and even more affordable GSZ44!

The all new GSZ44 controller-amplifier (with keypads included) is just what you need if you want four separate areas of your home to have speakers and music flowing throughout.  With the GSZ44, your master retreat and master bath can be tuned to an Elton John CD, while outside the kids are playing in the yard to the sounds of High School Musical 3.   All the music coming from your single home stereo!  So you decide you’d rather tune to XM satellite, well just press the Source button on the keypad on your bedroom/bathroom wall.   Guests at parties can hear the same music throughout your home as they mingle.

For $999, the complete GSZ44 package enables whole house audio distribution in four separate areas of your home, and includes  Read more

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