GraniteCrete: the natural path

December 3, 2008

I’m a big sucker for pavers.  The Old World look that they give, the geometry…yet, here is another green alternative to concrete that I have fallen in love with: GraniteCrete.  Whether you’re in need of a new driveway, landscape path, or even a patio area, consider using the organic feel of GraniteCrete.

One of the reasons that I love pavers is because of their porous nature.  GraniteCrete is also porous, allowing water to naturally seep into the ground and preventing unnecessary runoff to drains and sewers.  Oil and other chemicals on our driveways can be broken down naturally by the bacteria in our soil before reaching our water table.  Keeping our groundwater clean is important for the root systems of our trees. GraniteCrete will also reduce the affects of flash flooding, and lessen the urban heat-island effect.  Runoff can cause erosion to the land and your landscape over time.

With all of that said, GraniteCrete has been installed in residences as well as harsher settings such as the California coastline (which, amazingly enough, did not require Read more

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Is it real green grass, or NewGrass? Consider a synthetic lawn.

August 24, 2008

newgrass artificial fake grassSeveral weeks ago, I was walking Magneson Loop (neighborhood street near my home), and the green grass of a charming little bungalow caught my eye. The lawn was perfectly groomed as if cut by artists with scissors.

After further close inspection, I determined that the lawn was actually synthetic grass! While GetWithGreen hears of these products often from manufacturers, this was my first real life experience with this type of eco-friendly product, and from a distance greater than two feet I could not tell the difference between this artificial sod and traditional sod.

According to the Association of Artificial & Synthetic Grass Installers, homeowners installing artificial lawns reap the following benefits:

  • Goes where no natural lawn dares to and thrives under almost any condition
  • Low maintenance just keep it clean with a blower
  • No need for watering, No need for mowing
  • Never trim, edge, aerate, seed, thatch, or feed the lawn again!
  • Thrives in full sun or shade
  • Won’t stain, fights fading & discoloration Read more
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LANDSCAPING: Smart irrigation technologies for your yard

July 20, 2008

watersense irrigation technologySoil moisture sensors and weather-based irrigation controllers (such as our favorite Cyber-Rain) allow for much more efficient watering of your landscape.    But, did you know that there are certified professionals Nationally who can help you optimize your landscape watering with these technologies to save both your pocketbook AND the environment!?

It is true, there are designers, contractors, and auditors across the US, who have been certified under the EPA’s WaterSense program for their expertise in building landscaping systems that make efficient use of water.   The WaterSense program offers a list of these landscape experts, and the criteria by which they were certified.  Clicking on the following link will take you to EPA’s list of WaterSence certified professions.

According to the EPA, homeowners could reduce irrigation water use by 15%, or 9,000 gallons annually, by designing landscape irrigation systems using certified professionals.  That is just about equivalent to leaving your hose running nonstop for nearly a day!

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