Solar Roof Tiles by Open Energy Corp

October 28, 2008

Allow the sun to power your home or business by using Open Energy Corp’s solar roof tiles.

With an Energy crisis on the brink in the US, consumers are asking more questions and demanding responsibility and answers.  Open Energy Corp is offering solutions to homeowners, business owners, and institutions alike: solar roof tiles.

Open Energy’s solar tiles will work on flat as well as sloped roofs.  Their solar roof tiles offer quiet & reliable power generation.  The power your roof will be generating is clean, safe, and of course, free, thanks to the sun.  For those of you with an aesthetic eye, the tiles come in three colors: slate gray, terracotta, and brown, to help integrate with your existing roof materials.

Using the solar roof tiles will significantly lower your Read more

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Pacific Coast Builders Show Announces Top 5 Green Products

June 18, 2008

ge smartdispense washerPCBC, the largest home builder show, is coming to San Francisco next week and the announcements are starting to flow.

Members of the home building industry have voted and named the “coolest” homebuilding products in the annual Cool Products contest. PCBC 2008, the largest PCBC, the largest home builder show is on it’s way to San Francisco, and the announcements are starting to flow. Today members of the home building industry have voted and named the “coolest” homebuildinghomebuilders show on the West Coast, organizes the annual Cool Products contest for the more than 600 exhibitors at the conference.

Exhibitors entered more than 125 products in three categories – Consumer, Green and Industry products. Five products were chosen for each category by 679 home building professionals who voted online. All companies, products and booth information is available at

Here are the Cool Products from the Green Category, and stay tuned as GetWithGreen writes live from PCBC in San Francisco…

2008 Cool Products – Green Category:

1. Rinnai Corporation’s Rinnai LS Series Tankless Water Heater – Offers 30% to 50% energy savings over traditional tank-style units and can supply hot water when you need it, for as long as you need it, while contributing to a greener environment.

2. Eagle Roofing Products’ Eagle Solar Roof powered by SolarSave Integrated Solutions – This solar system integrates seamlessly with Eagle concrete roof tile and maintains the aesthetics of the roof, maintains the integrity of the roof system, prevents leaks and protects the home or building.

3. Cree LED Lighting Solutions LR6 Light Bulb – Has a 20-year life span (50,000 hours under Read more

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ROOFING: Common Questions About Green Roofs

January 27, 2008

green roof eco-friendlyWe don’t cover the topic of “green roofs” that often at  Our focus is on the more common upgrade to your existing roof, while doing it with products that are more eco-friendly than asphalt for example.  We do get questions from time to time about “green roofs”, and when we found this interesting article we thought we should share it with you.

The team over at Facility Blog recently wrote about the topic, and their write-up is a quick read that answers some of the most common questions about a green roof (e.g. How often do you water it?  Will it make my roof leak?).   The article is focused more on buildings, but we believe it is still educational for most homeowners who have an interest in green roofs.  Take a look at Common Questions About Green Roofs.

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