Texas utility leasing rooftop solar systems

February 25, 2010

rooftop-solar TXU Energy, a large Texas utility company, will lease rooftop solar power systems to their customers in the Dallas area. Homeowners can sign up for the program with TXU and their partner in the project, SolarCity, will design and install the systems.  After tax incentives, an owner of a three-to-four bedroom house would owe about $35 a month for a lease, though for $26,000 they could buy the array outright.  When leased, SolarCity continues to own the array and performs any maintenance. Currently, the state utility infrastructure company Oncor has funds to offer rebates on about 400 home installations, but SolarCity expects the program to grow quickly over the next five years. This is not the first program like this in the country making residential solar affordable for homeowners, though it is the first one run by a utility.  The state of Connecticut and the cities of Berkeley, San Diego and Palm Desert have all started solar financing programs for their residents and a California non-profit organization started a statewide financing program. via Green Inc.
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New bill would create 10 million solar roofs in 10 years

February 9, 2010

10-mil-solar-roof A really exciting new bill was introduced to Congress last week by Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  The bill lays out a plan to install 10 million solar roofs and 200,000 solar water heaters over the next 10 years through tax rebates and incentives.  The installations would equal 30 GW of clean energy or the equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants. The "10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Hot Water Act" would build on the success of state incentive programs like those in California and New Jersey and also the rising popularity of distributed solar projects.  The bill would provide tax rebates of up to half the cost of new systems and would make sure the receivers of the incentives also know how to make their buildings as efficient as possible. Sanders sees the bill costing between $2 and $3 billion a year, but with the outcome of 30 GW of new energy at the end of 10 years, it's actually a very cost effective plan.  The plan would also create jobs and, as Sanders says, "the more photovoltaics we use, the more will be built; the more that are built, the cheaper it becomes." All I can say is I love this bill.  Oh Congress, please say you love it too. via Treehugger
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Solar Roof Tiles by Open Energy Corp

October 28, 2008

Allow the sun to power your home or business by using Open Energy Corp’s solar roof tiles.

With an Energy crisis on the brink in the US, consumers are asking more questions and demanding responsibility and answers.  Open Energy Corp is offering solutions to homeowners, business owners, and institutions alike: solar roof tiles.

Open Energy’s solar tiles will work on flat as well as sloped roofs.  Their solar roof tiles offer quiet & reliable power generation.  The power your roof will be generating is clean, safe, and of course, free, thanks to the sun.  For those of you with an aesthetic eye, the tiles come in three colors: slate gray, terracotta, and brown, to help integrate with your existing roof materials.

Using the solar roof tiles will significantly lower your Read more

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