SWIMMING POOL: How can you save on your pool system today? TightWatt.

February 24, 2008

tightwatt pump saverAre you putting in a new pool?  Or, maybe you have an older pool?  Have you done any recent research on how you can further save save energy (and $$’s) annually in the operation of your pool pump, and the entire pool system? 

As pool owners, most of us are aware that in the winter there are fewer contaminants in our pool water due to lowered usage, slower algae growth rates, and other factors.   Because of this, most of us do not need to run our systems for the same duration as in summer to achieve acceptable water quality.    Maybe you know this, but do you change the your pool timer as the seasons change?   

Well, there is a smarter solution out there, and it is called the TightWatt.  TightWatt’s are pool timers that have multiple settings, and automatically adjust for season changes. 

TightWatt timers simply replace your existing timer.  Instructions are included so that you can make the swap yourself.  During the easy set-up process you enter the present time and date.  You then decide if you Read more

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SWIMMING POOL: Have you seen the first solar-powered Pool Skimmer?

December 7, 2007

solar breeze pool skimmer robotOut of Phoenix Arizona today (where homeowners are still swimming), Solar-Breeze rolled out what they are calling the “World’s First Solar-powered Pool Skimmer.” While we haven’t gotten our hands on one of these robotic pool skimmers to test yet at GetWithGreen.com, we wanted to bring you the news because we think it is kind of cool.

The Solar-Breeze is an intelligent, solar power, robotic swimming pool surface skimmer, combined with a swimming pool Chemical Dispenser. It operates on solar power alone, and on internal storage batteries, charged by the sun during the part of the day when the sun is high in the sky. As such, there are no electrical connections required, and no power consumption!. Solar-Breeze collects debris from the pool surface, thus preventing it from sinking to the bottom. The solar aspects make this an eco-friendlier green alternative to running your Read more

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SWIMMING POOL: Pay attention to your pool pump, or you could pay more!

September 7, 2007

swimming pool pumpBuilding out your new backyard, may mean that you are adding a pool.  Or perhaps you are just looking to help our environment and save $’s at the same time by evaluating your present pool system…. 

SwimmingPoolBasics.com says…Your choice of a swimming pool pump is of great importance because of the fact that the correct selection can lead to a lot of saving on energy costs as well as in maintaining the correct temperature of the water.   By selecting a small, higher efficiency pump, you can save up to 75% in energy and maintenance bills depending upon the region you are located in.   The theory that works behind this logic that the larger the pump the greater the pumping costs and maintenance will be.

Your swimming pool pump often keeps on running much longer than necessary. For example, it is not necessary to keep the pump running under the mistaken belief that the chemicals will remain mixed only when the pump is running. Actually, as long as the pump is running when the chemicals are being mixed, they do not require any recirculation to remain mixed. Similarly you need only an occasional use of the pump for removing debris and algae. Daily removal of debris is quite effective with the use of a skimmer and a vacuum cleaner. The best way of removing algae is Read more

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