WaterSense Names First Partners of the Year: Kohler, Ferguson, and more

October 10, 2008

We have talked a lot about Watersense here on GetWithGreen.com.  The first WaterSense Partners of the Year are being recognized for encouraging Americans to tap into their water resources wisely over the last year.

“EPA commends these partners for being blue ribbon winners in water efficiency,” said Benjamin H. Grumbles, EPA’s assistant administrator for water. “These water stars are helping WaterSense transform the way Americans view and value our most precious liquid asset and, as a result, we are saving more and wasting less for future generations.”

While EPA’s WaterSense program depends on the efforts of more than 1,000 partners, these four exceptional partners earned this special distinction from EPA:

Promotional Partner of the Year: The Saving Water Partnership

Manufacturer Partner of the Year: Kohler Co.

Retailer and Distributor Partner Read more

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Tankless water heater for your remodel? 7 things to consider.

August 31, 2008

So you say you want to go “tankless” for your water heating needs?  Let’s get started!  There are at least 7 different well marketed tankless water heater manufacturers on the market to choose from, and many more lesser known.

You will quickly find that each manufacturer has at least 7 models (often double that).  Tankless water heaters for indoor installation…tankless water heaters for outdoor installation…tankless water heaters for commercial use…tankless water heaters for residential…gas…electric…   Before your head explodes while doing research, it is not really that hard.   Gary Gudbranson from Cottage on the Edge breaks down 6 Criteria for Selecting a Tankless Water Heater, and we’ve added one more here at GetWithGreen:

7 Criteria for Selecting a Tankless Water Heater

  1. Determine your Hot Water Requirement (flow rate and simultaneous users)
  2. Single Application, or supply for the Entire house.
  3. Powered by Electricity or Gas
  4. If Gas, Propane or Natural
  5. Indoor or Outdoor Installation Location (Venting Configuration)
  6. Venting Location
  7. Read more about Tankless on GetWithGreen (see links below)

Gary goes into details for all of the above in his article.  It’s a quick read that will help you during your investigation.  Take a look.

More on Tankless Water Heaters from GetWithGreen.com:

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WATER HEATER: Velux delivers new solar water heater

June 27, 2008

velux solar water heaterAdd Velux (the skylight company you find at The Home Depot) to the list of companies now offering Solar Water Heaters.  This week the company announced their plans to start offering the products that have been proven in Europe.

The company worked hard to ensure that the roof collectors aesthetically pleasing and to integrate well with rooflines while delivering exceptional energy collection capabilities. The units also integrate with VELUX roof windows. The collectors are certified by independent testing agencies in Europe (Solar Keymark) and in the United States (SRCC) and installers must have completed advanced training to assure reliable installations.

The cost of installed systems will vary depending upon the volume of heated water required in a home. Two to three rooftop solar collector panels will usually be installed and solar hot water holding tanks are available in 80- and 120-gallon sizes.

Tim Miller, President of VELUX America, says that federal tax credits can help pay 30 percent Read more

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