Hello, I’ve been wondering if I can see some of your products on this website. I hope I can, so I can determine the things I can buy from your shop. 

Hi, thank you for visiting our website and thinking about buying from our shop. If you are looking for the products we sell, yes, you can see all of them on this site. Please go to the ‘shop’ section and discover the various products we sell. If you want, you can also search for certain items using the search toolbar on top of the shop section. 


Can I buy items from this website? 

Yes, you can buy from our website, just go to the ‘shop’ section here and find what you want to buy. See details first then click ‘purchase’ to buy the items you want. 

I live outside of the United States and I’m definitely far away from where your shops are located, however, I still want to buy from your store. Do you also ship and deliver internationally? 

Thank you for thinking about buying from us even if you are from a foreign country. Yes, we also do ship internationally so feel free to buy from our website and have fun shopping online. 


Do you take requests or do you personalize designs from the customers? 

Yes, we actually do accept requests if ever a client or customer want their designs to be different or personalized. However, this type of service may take a longer time than usual because we will have to craft the designs according to your preference. If you do want to request for your own design, feel free to send us a message and talk to us about the items you want and how you want it to be. Please be as detailed as possible.