Elena S. 

Hi, has anyone here seen the new designs of eco-friendly t-shirts? If yes, would you mind telling me something about it or just your thoughts about the new items? By the way, please do tell me about the recycling campaigns of Get With Green as well! I want to hear your thoughts about their new projects. 


Diana W. 

Hello, Elena! I’ve seen the new designs of Get With Green already and I was so happy because most of them looked so cute. In fact, I just want to buy all designs as soon as possible.  And about the campaigns of Get With Green, I’m really glad that they do have projects like this to advertise recycled products and the good things they plus the benefits they get from it. I hope many people will support and help the company in their initiatives. 


Ray D. 

Elena, the t-shirt designs were so good and my niece loved the one I bought for her. It was so good that it’s all affordable because I get to buy my family and friends some things even though I’m still studying. I love how Get With Green makes everything affordable yet high quality at the same time. 


Elena S. 

Diana, I was so glad that you love the new t-shirts especially the designs. I’m also happy that you support the campaign, I do hope many people join us for the projects as well. It actually feels so good to be a part of these types of projects since it’s for a good cause anyway. I do hope that many people feel the same. 


Elena S. 

Hi, Ray! It’s good to hear that you were able to buy your niece the new t-shirt from Get With Green. I’m hoping that she’s enjoyed wearing it and is happy because of the new designs that are perfect for kids as well.