Scary Energy Bills? Rid yourself of vampire power in 2009

October 27, 2008

Is your energy bill scary? Slaying energy vampires during your remodel can help you and Americans save millions.

In the spirit of Halloween, the EPA today warns us all to be on the watch for lurking energy vampires – or vampire power. These are the electronics and adapters that consume electricity when they are not being used. Power adapters and phone chargers are easy vampires power suckers to spot, and also easy to slay. Every energy vampire you vanquish saves you money, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps in the fight against climate change.

“EPA encourages everyone to look for vampires in their home and get rid of this energy waste,” said Brian McLean, director of EPA’s Office of Atmospheric Protection. “Using less energy means Read more

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Eureka Envirovac: Can A Vacuum Really Be Green?

October 13, 2008

In today’s marketplace  greenwashing is rampant.  Many companies are purposefully misleading consumers to believe that their products are environmentally friendly in order to catch that ever-important environmentally aware segment of the population.  In such a day, I wondered if there was really a thing as a green vacuum cleaner.

Sure, I’d heard the green benefits of installing a central vacuum system.  Longer life and no bags both equal less impact on the landfills.  With my modest pocketbook, the upfront price of $2000 plus to install a central vacuum system was out of my league.  A portable vacuum was more my speed.

In my attempt to answer this question, the friendly people at Eureka offered to send me their new, green Envirovac to try for myself.  I explained to them that I live in a busy household with two energetic kids, a frantic husband and one crazy cat.   Carpet, hardwoods, linoleum, and drapes are all included in the household.  The brave people at Eureka didn’t seem the least bit concerned.  Game on.

The Eureka Envirovac arrived in a 100% recycled and unbleached box.  The vacuum boasted such environmentally responsible features as an 8 amp motor (33% less energy to operate) and a washable HEPA filter (cleaner air and less waste).  How very green!

Now for the real test.  My eight year-old’s Read more

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Are you taking advantage of refrigerator & freezer recycle rebates?

September 18, 2008

As you are demo’ing your house in preparation for your remodel, stop before you take that used refrigerator or freezer to the dump! There are organizations that will haul away your refrigerator or freezer, pay you a rebate, and then recycle it!

Southern California Edison (SCE) is one such organization. They will pay you to recycle your old refrigerator or freezer. You will receive a $50 check for that working refrigerator or freezer. And, by swapping your old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones or disposing of a spare unit, you can save up to $292 per year on your energy bill says SCE (savings based on 2006, assuming average use and conditions. Actual savings may vary according to SCE).

To be eligible, you must be an SCE customer. The appliance must be picked up at your SCE service address. The appliance must be in working condition at the time of pick up. The size of the appliance must be between 10-27 cubic feet.

Check your local utility for similar rebate and recycle programs for appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers!

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