Knoll Systems gives your home music while using less power!

October 29, 2008

We brought your attention to the eco-friendly Knoll Systems GSZ67 whole house distributed music amplifier-controller a few months back.   Well if you are looking to have music delivered throughout your home as part of your remodel, and stay eco-friendly by reducing power consumption in the process, then you need to check out the new and even more affordable GSZ44!

The all new GSZ44 controller-amplifier (with keypads included) is just what you need if you want four separate areas of your home to have speakers and music flowing throughout.  With the GSZ44, your master retreat and master bath can be tuned to an Elton John CD, while outside the kids are playing in the yard to the sounds of High School Musical 3.   All the music coming from your single home stereo!  So you decide you’d rather tune to XM satellite, well just press the Source button on the keypad on your bedroom/bathroom wall.   Guests at parties can hear the same music throughout your home as they mingle.

For $999, the complete GSZ44 package enables whole house audio distribution in four separate areas of your home, and includes  Read more

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Scary Energy Bills? Rid yourself of vampire power in 2009

October 27, 2008

Is your energy bill scary? Slaying energy vampires during your remodel can help you and Americans save millions.

In the spirit of Halloween, the EPA today warns us all to be on the watch for lurking energy vampires – or vampire power. These are the electronics and adapters that consume electricity when they are not being used. Power adapters and phone chargers are easy vampires power suckers to spot, and also easy to slay. Every energy vampire you vanquish saves you money, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps in the fight against climate change.

“EPA encourages everyone to look for vampires in their home and get rid of this energy waste,” said Brian McLean, director of EPA’s Office of Atmospheric Protection. “Using less energy means Read more

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Your home network will need a Wireless Router, Linksys gets eco-friendly

August 26, 2008

linksys green router eco-friendly energy starToday Linksys (a division of Cisco) announced that they are jumping on the greener bandwagon with the delivery of eco-friendly packaging around their home networking gear, as well as ENERGY STAR compliance for some of their router products. 

Just about every one of us homeowners will put in a new network during our remodel.  On the list will likely be a wireless router.  As you are looking, look harder at those manufacturers who are doing just a bit more like this.  

So what is so “green” about the Linksys packaging:

  1. Linksys has removed the “sleeve” (outer packaging that contains all the printing and information about the product).  Instead of having a “sleeve,” Linksys plans to print all the information on the box itself, eliminating the Read more
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