Eureka Envirovac: Can A Vacuum Really Be Green?

October 13, 2008

In today’s marketplace  greenwashing is rampant.  Many companies are purposefully misleading consumers to believe that their products are environmentally friendly in order to catch that ever-important environmentally aware segment of the population.  In such a day, I wondered if there was really a thing as a green vacuum cleaner.

Sure, I’d heard the green benefits of installing a central vacuum system.  Longer life and no bags both equal less impact on the landfills.  With my modest pocketbook, the upfront price of $2000 plus to install a central vacuum system was out of my league.  A portable vacuum was more my speed.

In my attempt to answer this question, the friendly people at Eureka offered to send me their new, green Envirovac to try for myself.  I explained to them that I live in a busy household with two energetic kids, a frantic husband and one crazy cat.   Carpet, hardwoods, linoleum, and drapes are all included in the household.  The brave people at Eureka didn’t seem the least bit concerned.  Game on.

The Eureka Envirovac arrived in a 100% recycled and unbleached box.  The vacuum boasted such environmentally responsible features as an 8 amp motor (33% less energy to operate) and a washable HEPA filter (cleaner air and less waste).  How very green!

Now for the real test.  My eight year-old’s Read more

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FLOORING: FLOR offers new Martha Stewart modular carpet tile designs

May 22, 2008

FLOR Martha Stewart carpet tileFLOR, the modular carpet company that offers a ‘Return & Recycle’ program, has just made available their new Martha Stewart Floor Designs.

FLOR, teamed up with Ms. Stewart to create Martha Stewart Floor Designs. Interior design a la Martha Stewart is now even more accessible to the DIY set.

Derived from Ms. Stewart’s personal collections and her own homes — Lily Pond in the New York Hamptons, Skylands in Maine, Turkey Hill, built over two centuries ago in Westport, Connecticut — Martha Stewart carpet collections, now include carpet tiles from FLOR. FLOR’s Martha Stewart Floor Designs, available in a variety of styles, colors and textures, are a good start for budget-conscious DIY’ers who want to create tranquil and intimate bedrooms, vibrant family rooms and warm, inviting living areas, says the FLOR team.

The Martha Steward carpet styles come in 9 different collections with multiple patterns in each collection.  Pricing ranges $5-6+ sq. ft, and the carpet tiles can be purchased directly from the FLOR website, or various FLOR retail outlets.



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FLOORING: Mohawk explains why their carpet is green home ready

April 24, 2008

When a carpeting company claims to offer a green home remodel solution, what do they mean?   This week Mohawk puts their stamp on an explanation:

  • Today, Mohawk will recycle 8 million plastic bottles, turning it into 275,000 square
    yards of beautiful carpeting.
  • Today, Mohawk will divert more than 475,000 pounds from going into a landfill,
    recycling it into usable materials.
  • Today, Mohawk will produce hardwood flooring that reclaims wood from torn-down buildings.
  • Today, Mohawk will use renewably sourced materials instead of petroleum-based
    products to make soft, durable, stain-resistant carpeting.
  • Mohawk will do all this and hundreds of more Earth-friendly efforts. And Mohawk
    will do it tomorrow, the day after that and every day following.




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