It’s tempting, but stop! Don’t throw old CFLs in the garbage!

June 28, 2009

Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) are going to be part of your remodel, and your current lifestyle due to local regulations in most parts of the country.  This weekend, I was reminded of how to dispose of an old CFL during a trip to Home Depot in Campbell, CA.

Last year Home Depot announced a CFL recycle program, that is available at all of their stores.  Simply take your CFL to the store, and drop it into their recycle-disposal bin – free of charge.  The bins are located near the Customer Service/Returns kiosks.

Home Depot will then ensure the compact fluorescent bulb is properly disposed of, so the mercury in the the bulb does not harm our environment.

So pleeeease don’t drop them in your kitchen garbage!

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Dimmable Flourescent bulbs from Lithonia Lighting and Lighting Concepts

September 26, 2008

light color flourescent

At West Coast Green this week, Light Concepts is showcasing the L7XFD: a dimmable, 6″ fluorescent recessed downlighting fixture. The latest innovation in recessed downlighting offers the energy savings and lamp life of a fluorescent fixture, and delivering that in a dimmable fixture.  We are told this product is now available and retailing for <$100 per can.

According to the company, the L7XF dimmable is compatible with almost any dimmer switch and boasts a wide selection of trims. ENERGY STAR qualified and Title 24 compliant, Lighting Concepts says homeowners can save $100 against its incandescent counterpart, based on operating three hours per day at $0.10 per KwH over the life of the fluorescent versus incandescent bulb.

The company is also showing seven other fixtures for the decorative fluorescent market, including award-winning Elliptis and Izoro winners of the ALA Lighting for Tomorrow award in 2007 and 2008, respectively.  The products can be purchased on Read more

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LIGHTING: LED lighting from the LIGHTFAIR International show

May 21, 2008

recessed lighting led green eco-friendlyNext week in Las Vegas, the lighting industry will be gathering in for LIGHTFAIR International.  LIGHTFAIR is one of the top lighting shows for architectural lighting, and this year efficiency, eco-friendly, and green lighting are on the most talked about list.

The announcements are starting to roll out about energy saving bulbs, and LEDs are the ones we are watching at   Just today Renaissance Lighting announced their commercially available 4-inch solid-state LED downlight (Model: ED04).  This LED recessed product offers more than 16 million color combinations without glare or visible LEDs.
As the newest arrival on the general illumination scene, solid-state LED lighting has yet to make a major market impact commensurate with its potential for outperforming and even replacing other types of lighting — until Read more

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