WIN BIG MONEY for your remodel from The Home Depot!

October 17, 2008

Financing your remodel is more difficult with the state of our economy (speaking from experience), and if you are like me you are looking for all opportunities to secure additional funding to make your remodel what you have always dreamed it would be.  

To help, The Home Depot is offering up a $5,000+ prize and more to homeowners who are remodeling, and getting green at the same time.






To win this bounty, you’ll need to shoot a short video showing how you are saving money and helping the environment by making your home more energy efficient.  According to THD, your video must focus on home energy issues such as insulation, appliances, and water usage. 

Not only is there (1) Grand Prize winner who will win that $5K (plus additional cash toward Read more

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National Grid offers new energy efficiency rebates for gas customers

September 21, 2008

Massachusetts’s resident?  New Hampshire?  New York City, Long Island, Rhode Island?   National Grid customers can now take advantage of new rebates for natural gas and energy efficiency improvements.

Natural Grid recently launched their Think Smart Think Green website which details how National Grid gas customers can save on rebates for energy efficiency improvements such as Programmable Thermostats, Boiler Reset Controls, High-efficiency heating equipment, water heating, weatherizing, replacement windows, and solar water heaters.

Wherever you live, make sure you check with your utility provider for rebates during your remodel – because there are lots of them out there!

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Government tax credits and rebates coming for green improvements?

September 20, 2008

Reuters reports this week that the U.S. Senate will be voting as early as Tuesday on new energy tax credits for homeowners who are remodeling.  The voting on legislation would extend tax breaks and incentives for renewable energy production and energy-efficiency measures taken by homeowners.

Negotiators hammered out the extensive tax rebate package to continue investment credits for solar, wind, and geothermal energy. It also creates a new tax credit for purchasers of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Homeowners could get a 30 percent tax credit for eight additional years for the cost of installing solar equipment at residences.

Homeowners could claim a tax credit of up to 10 percent of the costs of all qualified energy efficiency improvements, such as insulation, replacement windows, water heaters and heating and cooling equipment.

“This compromise will enable us to become a more energy efficient nation and wean us off our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Democrat Jeff Bingaman, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

For detailed information on the legislation see the United States Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

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