SOLAR: Cleaner for maximizing the efficiency of your solar panels

August 18, 2008

powerboost solar panel cleanerSolarFrameWorks Introduces Solar Panel Maintenance Solution

While we haven’t tried this at GetWithGreenwe wanted to bring you this News, SolarFrameWorks, a manufacturer and distributor of photovoltaic technology, last week introduced a solar panel cleaning agent, PowerBoost®. PowerBoost is a touchless, biodegradable solution that is said to repel debris from solar panels to maximize solar power production and lower utility costs. According to SolarFrameWorks, PowerBoost provides an immediate and dramatic increase in power output.

Available for both residential and commercial applications, PowerBoost can be applied within minutes using a standard garden hose to clean your solar panels. The foaming solution contains surfactants that remove grime thereby in theory increasing the level of solar insulation that is able to reach the solar cells. The company says that PowerBoost works on all types of glass, such as the tempered glass layered on the top of most crystalline solar panels. Additionally, the product is Read more

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DAYLIGHTING SYSTEMS: A Solatube installation review

August 16, 2008

solatube 160 DS daylighting systemEarlier this Summer, selected a Solatube Model 160 DS Daylighting System for a residential hallway installation. A daylighting system was selected because a dimly lit hallway constantly required energy consumption for lighting — even during daytime hours.

Solatube was selected by because of the sheer amount of clear information on the company’s and reseller’s website, and because it was so easy to find the product locally. It’s now time to update you on the install, and our final opinion of this specific daylighting system.

The Solatube 160 DS installation was a snap. Our contractor installed the daylighting system within 90 minutes, and if you use a Solatube dealer this time could likely fall well below an hour! Our installation did require the wiring of electricity to the daylighting system, so that it could be used during the Read more

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REBATES: Solar rebates for San Francisco residents – legislation approved

June 13, 2008

solar incentives san franciscoOn Tuesday the City of San Francisco approved an incentive plan for residents to install solar for their homes. 

Under the legislation program, residents can expect to receive a rebate of $3,000 to $6,000 per system.  The program could start as soon as July 1, and rebates are retroactive to atleast the beginning of 2008.  The City is hoping to increase the number of solar installation froms 770 to over 10,000 rooftops over the life of the 10 year program.  For more great insight on the legislation visit earth2tech.

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