TANKLESS: GE Introduces Tankless Gas Water Heaters

June 27, 2008

ge tankless water heaterYesterday GE announced their new line of tankless water heaters.  The products are available this month.  Here is what GE had to say in their announcement:

A hot shower. Few rituals bring as much pleasure as does standing beneath a warm spray. And few things can spoil that ritual as much as finding that the person who showered before you has used up every drop of hot water.

The new line of GE® tankless gas water heaters provides a continuous supply of hot water* when and where you need it. No more dipping the finger into the spray to see if the temperature is just right, or standing in a cold bathroom waiting for hot water that’s been drained from the tank.

Unlike conventional water tanks that heat and store hot water around the clock, GE’s tankless gas water heater only activates when you start to use hot water, and Read more

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TANKLESS WATER HEATERS: In defense of tankless water heaters

May 25, 2008

takagi tankless heater waterSome of our most heated emails and comments on GetWithGreen.com have to do with the savings around tankless water heaters.   We will continue to bring you all sides of the story, as we install them ourselves, and discover differences of opinions out there in the marketplace. 

Just yesterday, the SF Chronicle ran another article on the subject.  Take a look as they deliver some pros/cons:  In defense of tankless water heaters

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WATER HEATERS: Do you wait longer for hot water when going tankless?

February 20, 2008

water heater tankless on-demandYou will most likely go back and forth and debate the benefits of a tankless hot water heater over a conventional one in your remodel – many of us at GetWithGreen.com have during our remodels (we all went tankless ;-)).  

The space savings will be a big draw for those of you living in smaller homes, and for some it will be the energy consumption of the tankless vs. a conventional model, or which one pays back faster? Tankless water heaters deliver hot water “on demand”, without storing it.  They circulate water through burners or coils which heat the water.  Therefore, a tankless unit never runs out of water in theory, but they do have limitations on flow should too many family members try to consume hot water at the same time – although design of your system should limit this.

One debate that rages on across the internet is the time you will be required to wait for hot water.  Will a tankless get your hot water faster, or do you get it faster with conventional?   The LA Times’ Pardon Our Dust blog posted one perspective on the topic, and we think it is a good quick read.  The article is written by Bill Doering, and it outlines a little test he performed on his own to see which type of heater delivered hot water the fastest.  On-demand water heaters: A homeowner’s experience

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