Hitachi Energy Star plasma televisions, where do they rank?

September 10, 2008

Hitachi showed off their New Plasma HDTVs at the CEDIA Expo in Denver last week.

The new ENERGY STAR compliant plasma televisions from Hitachi are available in two screen sizes (42-inch and 50-inch). compared the operating power levels of the Hitachi 50-inch plasma to the models we discussed with you late last year.   The 50-inch models (P50A202 and P50A402) both rank right in the middle of the pack with the other ENERGY STAR plasma televisions.  

The A, S, V and X Series are available now. The Hitachi 2008 Plasma Display Panels are priced as follows. In all instances below, pricing indicated is the Manufacturer’s Advertised Price (MAP): 

  • 42-inch A-Series (model P42A202): $1,399
    (Avg Power: 249W, Max Power: 386W)
  • 50-inch A-Series (models P50A202/P50A402): $1,599 each
    (Avg Power: 288W, Max Power: 480W)
  • 50-inch S-Series (model P50S602): $2,199
    (Avg Power: 388W, Max Power: 571W)
  • 50-inch V-Series (model P50V702): $2,499
    Avg Power: 398W, Max Power: 586)
  • 50-inch X-Series (model P50X902): $3,199
    Avg Power: 398, Max Power: 586W) commends Hitachi for making it easy for buyers to find plasma power consumption numbers in the Hitachi manuals.

The new Hitachi HDTVs feature high gloss Japan black and high gloss crystal frames with manual swivel stands or remote controlled power swivel stands. The new UltraBlack Panels boxed cell structure produces darker blacks and the new proprietary phosphor formulations deliver industry leading deep, rich colors say Hitachi.

The new PictureMaster(TM) VI digital video processor features the second generation of Hitachi’s Reel60(TM) technology, a patented innovation that, according to the manufacturer, eliminates “judder” for the ultimate in smooth, clear motion. The new HDTVs also debut a new feature for film enthusiasts called Cinema48(TM). Working with 24p HDMI inputs, Cinema48 provides viewers with the same visual timing and feeling that they experience in movie theaters.

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AUDIO-VISUAL: Mitsubishi LaserVue television uses 50% less energy

June 26, 2008

mitsubishi_laservue televisionMitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. has just announced additional details surrounding the performance and functionality of its LaserVue TV. With operating power targeted at under 200 watts, the LaserVue TVs are environmentally friendly, consuming approximately one-half the power of today’s LCD TVs, and one-third of plasma TVs.   If you read our past article on the most efficient 50″ plasma TVs then you’ll know that this is more than a 50% energy consumption savings for a large format television of this size – great news!

Mitsubishi says, LaserVue will be available in 65″ and 73″ models with the 65? Diamond shipping to authorized retailers in the third quarter of this year and the 73? Diamond to follow.  LaserVue will raise the bar for large screen television by delivering Read more

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AUDIO/VISUAL: New Energy Star standards set for Televisions

February 5, 2008

50 plasma energy star televisionBecause you are putting them in your new kitchens, reported to you months ago that the ENERGY STAR team was working on new energy usage requirements for TVs that are powered “ON”. 

As you may know if you read our review of 50″ plasmas, the ONLY thing ENERGY STAR offers today for is a review of the power TVs use when they are turned “OFF”. 

Today, ENERGY STAR announced that on November 1, 2008 TVs will be required to use 30% less power in the ON mode – if they want to claim Energy Star compliance!  The requirement for televisions over 50 inches would be 318 Watts when turned ON.  In our recent review you will see that today’s ENERGY STAR televisions do not meet the standards, so we are in for some improvements!!

Here is what ENERGY STAR had to say:

(Washington, D.C. – Feb. 5, 2008) Today EPA is announcing a revised Energy Star specification for televisions. Effective Nov. 1, 2008, TVs that carry the Energy Star label will be up to 30 percent more efficient than conventional models and will save energy while they are on and when they are off. The new modifications are expected to prevent greenhouse gas emissions while offering U.S. consumers the very best in terms of feature-rich, high-quality TVs.

energy star logo 50 plasma“Energy Star’s new specifications for televisions are turning the channel on energy guzzling sets ? making them go the way of rabbit-ears and the black and white TV,” said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson.

After the new specification goes into effect, if all TVs sold in the United States meet the Energy Star requirements, the savings in energy costs will grow to about Read more

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