TOILETS: Caroma introduces Sydney high efficiency toilet (HET)

July 12, 2008

sydney het toilet caromaIf you haven’t replaced your old toilet you must.  The old toilets waste incredible amounts of water each time your family pulls the handle, and your toilet runs for a minimal time with each flush.  The new high efficiency toilets on the market work amazingly well. 

Earlier this month Caroma announced its newest high efficiency dual flush toilet (HET): the Sydney Low Profile.  The Low Profile is ideal for installations that require a shorter toilet due to space restrictions, such as under a counter or where a grab bar is located above the tank. It is a high efficiency toilet that uses 1.6/0.8 gallons per flush (full/half flush).  The toilet is 26 1/2″ tall. 

Two configurations of the Sydney Low Profile have already been WaterSense-approved, taking Caroma to 36, more than any other manufacturer on the market — according to Caroma!

The two button dual flush toilets give the user a choice: half flush for liquid or full flush for solids. Compared with an older 3.5 gallon toilet, a family of four could save nearly 18,000 gallons of water per year by switching to a Caroma dual flush toilet. A city of 10,000 people could save more than five million gallons of water per year with dual flush toilets.

The Sydney Low Profile is available in six bowl configurations including two Round Front Plus options, two elongated options, an Easy Height Round Front Plus, and an Easy Height Elongated.  All Caroma dual flush toilets feature wash down flushing, a large trapway (nearly double the industry average) to virtually eliminate clogging, and a 12? rough-in or 10-12? adjustable rough-in.

The new Low Profile is now available in white and biscuit (special order).  Prices on the web are about $349.

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SAVING WATER: What does the WaterSense label mean to your remodel?

June 6, 2008

watersense label logoUsing water-efficient products we can save both our environment and money.  WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is making it easy for all of us homeowners to find and select water-efficient products.

On average, WaterSense labeled product use 20% more efficient than similar products that are not.  To achieve a WaterSense label, a manufacturer must get their product certified against a specification from WaterSense.

WaterSense Labeled Home Products

price pfister ashfieldBathroom Sink Faucets –If every household installed a WaterSense labeled faucet or aerator we could save more than 60 billion gallons of water annually.  By installing a WaterSense labeled faucet an average home will save 500 gallons each year – and this reduced demand of water requires less heating, which saves even more energy and money!

Here are the bathroom faucets and aerators you can find with WaterSense Labels:

  • Delta (Lahara model)
  • Moen (Banbury, Caldwell, FINA, Lindley, Muirfield, Rothbury models and more)
  • Price Pfister (Ashfield, Falsetto, Hanover, Langston, SKYE, Vega, Virtue models)
  • NEOPERL Aerators

Toilets –Inefficient toilets are responsible for much of the water wasted in American homes today.  Replacing these toilets could save nearly 2 billion gallons annually. covered the best of the best WaterSense toilets late last year.  The ones we provided pricing for were high-efficiency toilets (HETs).  Here is the WaterSense list:

  • American Standard (Cadet, FloWise models)
  • Caroma (Adelaide, Bondi, Brisbane, Read more
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BATHROOM: Flushing golf balls down your eco-friendly low-flush toilet!

May 23, 2008

A low-flush toilet is a must green alternative for your bathroom remodel.  You can get the low-down in our previously published article: High Efficiency Toilets (HETS) that Flush.

Recently the team over at GoodHousekeeping on TV did a two minute video overview on these water saving eco-friendly flushing machines.  Take a look, and please consider incorporate one in your remodel to conserve our most precious resource:

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