Tankless water heater for your remodel? 7 things to consider.

August 31, 2008

So you say you want to go “tankless” for your water heating needs?  Let’s get started!  There are at least 7 different well marketed tankless water heater manufacturers on the market to choose from, and many more lesser known.

You will quickly find that each manufacturer has at least 7 models (often double that).  Tankless water heaters for indoor installation…tankless water heaters for outdoor installation…tankless water heaters for commercial use…tankless water heaters for residential…gas…electric…   Before your head explodes while doing research, it is not really that hard.   Gary Gudbranson from Cottage on the Edge breaks down 6 Criteria for Selecting a Tankless Water Heater, and we’ve added one more here at GetWithGreen:

7 Criteria for Selecting a Tankless Water Heater

  1. Determine your Hot Water Requirement (flow rate and simultaneous users)
  2. Single Application, or supply for the Entire house.
  3. Powered by Electricity or Gas
  4. If Gas, Propane or Natural
  5. Indoor or Outdoor Installation Location (Venting Configuration)
  6. Venting Location
  7. Read more about Tankless on GetWithGreen (see links below)

Gary goes into details for all of the above in his article.  It’s a quick read that will help you during your investigation.  Take a look.

More on Tankless Water Heaters from GetWithGreen.com:

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SOLAR WATER HEATER: 10 Misconceptions and Truths

May 23, 2008

solar hot water heaterSooooo much buzz continues around solar water heaters. Mati Bishop recently posted to Building Seattle Green highlighting Ten Misconceptions and Truths about these popular talked about products.

His article Top Ten Misconceptions and Truths about Solar Hot Water, to explain that even in Seattle where it rains alot, you can still get hot water from one of these devices.  He brushes on topics such as rebates, using hot water from a solar system at night, expense of a system and installation.

For more on solar water heaters, see our recent article on solar water heater manufacturers and rebates.

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WATER HEATER: Return on Investment (ROI) on Tankless Water Heaters

December 19, 2007

takagi tankless water heaterA payback analysis for a tankless water heater is something that every energy conscious consumer should consider…

There are a lot of tankless water heater manufactures claiming a wide range of savings on your next water heating bill. A quick search on the web will show you a percent reduction of up 80%.   However the question still exists: how much would you really save on your water heating bill using a tankless water heater?

Most importantly what is the payback or ROI of the average tankless water heater and how does it compare to a traditional tank hot water system? Let us try to answer these questions:

Annual costs associated with water heaters of any type are divided into (3) categories:

  1. Energy costs to heat the water from its incoming temperature to the desired temperature.
  2. Standby energy costs: in the case of traditional tank heaters, standby cost is the cost of the energy to keep the water hot in the tank all day. For a tankless water heater standby cost is the cost of energy when the tankless water heater is running Read more
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