6 Manufacturers of eco-friendly recycled glass tiles!

Recycled glass tiles are gaining in popularity, and let’s just face it — the unique patterns and colors are beautiful.  We’ve taken some time to compile a list of manufacturers to help you quickly source tiles for your kitchen or bath.  Enjoy!

Aurora Glass

Aurora Glass Architectural Accents include glass tiles and drawer knobs made from 100% recycled glass. Aurora Glass is a program of St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Inc. All profits from sale of Aurora glass support homeless and low-income people through emergency services, housing, jobs, training, and other charitable endeavors in Portland, OR.  Products can be purchased directly on the company’s website.

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Bedrock Industries

Blazestone® tiles are made by hand from 100% recycled glass, most of which is post-consumer content. They come in all types of shapes an sizes, as well as mosaic pieces. Color varies with the recycled glass materials used, but the company notes that they do not use pigments.  The Bedrock Industries Price List offers pricing details.  Products are shipped in recycled material as well!

bedrock recycled glass tile         bedrock recycled glass tile 2

Bonfire Glass Tile

This family run business produces artisan glass tiles from using at least 90% recycled glass.  Sizes range from 2″x2″ to 3″x8″ and come in at least 12 colors.  Bonfire also works hard to use eco-friendly practices in the manufacturer of their tiles as well.  Tiles are available for purchase through retailers in the US.

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Oceanside Glasstile Co.

Oceanside produces four styles of tile handcast from up to 86% post-consumer recycled glass.  The company boasts the reuse of more than two million pounds of glass from curbside recycling programs.  All products are produced in Tijuana Mexico.   Products are sold through dealers across the US.  The company offers a location finder for a dealer near you.   Pricing is not available on the company’s website.

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Sandhill Industries

Sandhill Industries manufactures wall and floor tile from 100% recycled glass.  Each tile takes less than one-half of the energy to produce than ceramic tile, and less than one-fourth of the energy it takes to produce a cast-glass tile.  Tiles come in a standard variety of square, bar, and triangle sizes, as well as rail pieces and film-mounted mosaic patterns available in 36 colors.  Tiles are manufacturered in Boise, Idaho and the company has been recognized with an EPA Evergreen award for environmental practices as a company.

sandhill recycled glass tile  sandhill recycled glass tile 2  sandhill recycled glass tile 3  sandhill recycled glass tile 4

Ultraglas, Inc.

ultraglas recycled tile 1UltraGlas® is embossed, molded architectural glass.  A variety of decorative textures, designs, and patterns are available with varying levels of translucency.  Of the manufacturers we discussed here, Ultraglas has the lowest amount of recycled content at 15-30%.  The company has posted an official environmental statement.  Products are available through a national network of UltraGlas dealers.

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