Looking for eco-friendly backyard play structure equipment?

How do we talk about leaving the planet the way we found it? The next generation inherits what we leave behind, so as we are looking to build a better tomorrow for them, lets use responsible materials for them to play on today.

There are several manufacturers of backyard playground equipment that are leading the eco-friendly way. These manufacturers are using FSC Certified wood and 100% recycled plastics materials. Let’s take a look at a few that we found:

The KOMPAN NATURE line is suitable for children aged 2 to 12. All KOMPAN Nature play equipment is produced from FSC certified hardwood. They claim their wood comes from forests which have been assessed to be well managed according to strict environmental, social and economic guidelines.

“Children at play want challenging equipment. Keywords are quality, safety and a long life and that applies just as much to the natural environment and the people who live there. That’s why KOMPAN has opted to process only timber from well-managed forests. The FSC certificate is the only one to provide that guarantee. We are incredibly proud that, in a period of 4 years, we have succeeded in being able to offer playground equipment made entirely from FSC certified timber.” Willem van Veenendaal
Managing Director KOMPAN BV
Pros: Great use of FSC Certified wood
Cons: They are located in the Netherlands

Play Mart, Inc.
The Play Mart team has taken the time to give you the blow-by-blow on all the materials used in their products. The plastic used in the posts, decks and structural supports of their playground equipment is made from 100% recycled structural plastic (RSP). An average Play Mart playset recycles 25,000 milk jugs (nearly 7 jugs/lb of RSP). And are you looking for a solid limited warranty? Play Mart offers a 100 year warranty, for generations to come. At GetWithGreen.com, we like this team’s eco-friendly story!!
Pros: This group wins the milk jug story of the year award, and our favorite for recycled use
Cons: We don’t have one at the moment

Children’s Playstructure’s, Inc.
Children’s Playstructure’s custom designs and makes playground equipment for commercial and residential uses. The playground equipment is made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber, although accessory attachments to units are not recycled materials.
Pros: The web is filled with claims like the above about the eco-friendliness of their products
Cons: They don’t tell the story on their own website!

Grounds for Play, Inc.
While their equipment might be found more often at your local park, there are some fitting pieces for the backyard. While the recycled content is not as high as that of Play Mart, they are using Trex. Trex is a composite material of recycled post-consumer plastic and recycled post-production or recovered wood fibers.
Pros: Use of recycled Plastic
Cons: Use of other materials that are not sustainable

Pacific Outdoor Products
This manufacturer of residential and commercial playground structures offers recycled plastics in their products. One thing that grabbed our attention was their use of a non-toxic ACQ preservatives, but they do claim that wood has no environmental concerns when disposed of.
Pros: Use recycled Plastic
Cons: Possible impact of pressure treated woodWe will be adding, and refining this list as the manufacturers contact us. For now, feel good that you have sources of playground equipment equipment that are a bit greener. Also you now know your old milk jugs are being repurposed and put to good use!

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