SWIMMING POOL: Have you seen the first solar-powered Pool Skimmer?

Out of Phoenix Arizona today (where homeowners are still swimming), Solar-Breeze rolled out what they are calling the “World’s First Solar-powered Pool Skimmer.” While we haven’t gotten our hands on one of these robotic pool skimmers to test yet at GetWithGreen.com, we wanted to bring you the news because we think it is kind of cool.

The Solar-Breeze is an intelligent, solar power, robotic swimming pool surface skimmer, combined with a swimming pool Chemical Dispenser. It operates on solar power alone, and on internal storage batteries, charged by the sun during the part of the day when the sun is high in the sky. As such, there are no electrical connections required, and no power consumption!. Solar-Breeze collects debris from the pool surface, thus preventing it from sinking to the bottom. The solar aspects make this an eco-friendlier green alternative to running your pool for a longer period of time.

solar breeze pool skimmer 2 greenMost dirt, dust, bugs, pollen, and debris entering a swimming pool will first float on the water surface for a considerable time before sinking into the water. The Solar-Breeze is specifically designed to search for and scoop up these types of debris. “Bumper Wheels” on the corners of the unit, rotate the the Solar-Breeze each time it hits a pool wall. The Solar-Breeze will stop skimming, with the front paddlewheel, if it thinks it has been stuck in one place too long. Then it will reverse the Rear Paddlewheel, maneuver backwards for a minute, coast, and then resume forwards skimming.

“Your pool will be clearer than ever,” says Denis Ruzsa, President and Founder of Solar Breeze. “The ‘green’ comes from reducing the use of your pool pump by two thirds and consuming far less electricity.”

“The robot skims your pool surface all day while the sun is shining, consuming no electricity. Since it keeps dust and debris for sinking to the bottom of the pool, the time require to run the pool pump is significantly reduced,” says Ruzsa. “Our customers are telling us that their pools are cleaner and clearer, and that their pool pump usage is way down.”

The Solar-Breeze robotic pool skimmer is the first of its kind in the world and Ruzsa is hoping that pool owners world-wide will jump on board with the idea of having “greener” pools. While sales have currently been limited to North America, discussions are underway with distributors in Australia and other regions.

The Solar-Breeze includes a dispenser that supports two large 3″ chlorine tablets. As far as maintenance, the robot has a filter screen and basket that will require cleaning – as your present pool skimmer does today.

“People all over the world want to take action to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Ruzsa. “This is one small investment they can make that has a tremendous impact over time.”

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